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January 21, 2020 at 15.14pm

MEFORZE - Best Laminate and Vinyl Floor

MEFORZE hadir untuk melengkapi kenyamanan serta keindahan ruangan Anda, dengan material pilihan serta spesifikasi terbaik, menjadikan MEFORZE sebagai salah satu produk lantai kayu dan lantaivinyl berkualitas.

Jadi jangan lupa ya, ingat lantai kayu dan lantai vinyl, ingat MEFORZE

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January 21, 2020 at 14.17pm

HENDERSON page published at Door & Wall - Folding & Sliding sub-category

Established in 1921, PC Henderson has been creating the highest quality sliding and folding door hardware for over 90 years. Our product can be seen in a wide variety of residential, commercial and industrial applications across the world.
Our expertly designed hardware systems are perfect for saving space, increasing natural light, creating flexible spaces and providing hardwearing solutions for virtually any type of application.
Applications include wardrobe & cupboard doors, pocket doors, internal doors, exterior doors, room dividers, office partitions, shop fronts, large industrial doors as well as bespoke systems. Wherever a sliding or folding door can work, we offer a solution.
Based in Co. Durham, UK our manufacturing plant is one of the most advanced of its kind, constantly achieving strict ISO 9001 quality standards. We also have offices in Ireland, the Netherlands and China along with an extensive network of distributors and representatives across the globe, exporting 2to over 70 countries worldwide.


January 21, 2020 at 14.10pm

PMELECTRIC page published at Panel sub-category

Pura Mayungan (PM) is one of the leading integrated solution provider in Medium Voltage (MV) and Low Voltage ( LV) electrical power distribution. We are a proudly Indonesia-owned company who designs, manufactures, markets, and distributes MV & LV switchboard and switchboard components. PM is also a sole authorized partner of various prominent overseas manufacturers of switchboards and components. PM also has a business unit which provides energy efficiency consultancy and solutions for implementation of ISO 50001:2011 EnMS.
Based in Jakarta, PM was founded in 1975 as a joint efforts between founders IR Suryono Limputra and the late Mr Surianata Suhada. Mr Suryo Limputra has earlier in 1968 founded PT Pura Jaya as a switchboard manufacturer and Mr Surianata Suhada has earlier also founded Mayungan Jaya as an electrical components shop at Pasar Kenari. These merging of words Pura and Mayungan was created with the idea of a pura (a temple) which providers cover and serve like an umbrella (‘payung’), a safe haven for all his stakeholders-his customers, his suppliers and principal partners, his employees, and his shareholders.
PM as company and tell the 350 employees take great pride in contributing to the development of quality and efficient electrical infrastructure in Indonesia and aspire to be a regional SE Asia player in the future. We are serving and building lasting relationship with more than 1000 national and multinational companies which include PLN, End Users, ME Contractors, switchboard manufaturers, distributors and electrical shops from Sabang to Marauke. PM also works together closely with Consultants, principals, and suppliers to provide great service. PM Strives to provide quality products and solutions, excellent services, and great customer experience.


January 21, 2020 at 10.42am

The Hansgrohe Group: sustainable success – for you too

Responsible management
Hansgrohe is committed to thinking and operating sustainably at its sites. This applies to all production processes, as well as to the careful handling of employees and resources.

Company management
At Hansgrohe, outstanding results are high on the agenda. At all levels of the company, each person's work focuses on three elements: economy, environment and society.

Social commitment
Hansgrohe is actively engaged in its social commitment, which extends beyond its business interests. The company is committed to social and ecological projects.


January 21, 2020 at 10.32am

Projects - Spangereid (Norway) The Under Restaurant

The Under Restaurant is a monolithic structure made from reinforced concrete. It is 34 m long and slopes away into the sea down to a depth of 5 m, where it rests on the seabed just off Lindesnes, the most southerly point of the Norwegian coast, around a one and a half hour drive from the nearest airport and five hours from Oslo.

Because of its special design and complexity, the project required a large range of high quality and technologically advanced products. Inthe spotlight, ULTRABOND MS RAPID It is a one-component, deformable, thixotropic adhesive with a high modulus of elasticity made from sililated polymers, characterized by its high initial tack and rapid final hardening. It is recommended for those bonds where a strong initial tack and high mechanical strength are required after a short curing time.


January 21, 2020 at 10.22am

CASE STUDY : P C Henderson Specified for World’s First 5 Star Underwater Quarry Hotel

P C Henderson’s sliding door hardware has been specified for the world’s first underwater quarry hotel located in Songjiang Shanghai, China. The Intercontinental Hotel Shanghai Wonderland, which was opened in October 2018, is being hailed as a modern architectural wonder of the world. Built onto the side of a 289 foot deep, water filled quarry, the five star luxury hotel took ten years to build and boasts 337 rooms across 18 floors, 16 of which are technically below ground and two underwater.
The Intercontinental Shanghai Wonderland, or deep pit hotel as it is often known, has been built in a way that pushes the limits of interior design. A system was required which could help to create a number of open plan bedroom and bathroom designs. Open plan rooms are an increasingly popular trend within the luxury hotel market – as developers aim to create a unique and modern living experience which visitors are unable to achieve at home.
P C Henderson’s Husky Telescopic system was specified for 314 of the rooms in order to create two large movable walls between the bathroom and bedroom. The telescopic formation of the doors allows for a modern, open plan design whilst still ensuring that the bathroom can be completely closed off when privacy is required. P C Henderson’s Husky Simultaneous Action kit was also specified for 44 of the rooms which required bi-parting doors in order to separate two rooms.
A number of the hotel rooms also include a cavity wall for one of the movable walls to slide into meaning the doors are completely hidden from view – further complementing the open
plan, minimalist design.
Overall Design
Designed by British design firm Atkins – the company behind the famous Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai – the state of the art hotel is part of a new wave of ambitious architectural projects being carried out in China due to an increase in economic growth.
The £225 million hotel has been designed with a number of eco-friendly principles – geo thermal power and solar power generates energy for heat and lighting whilst the pond in the base of the quarry cools the air which is then drawn into the building as natural air circulation.
Why P C Henderson?
P C Henderson’s growth into the Chinese hotel market have seen a significant upturn recently as developers request only the highest quality hardware for the new wave of prestigious hotels being developed.
P C Henderson’s Husky Telescopic system caters for wooden doors weighing up to 80kg and can cater for 2 or 3 doors to travel together in a telescopic type motion. Husky Simultaneous Action kit is available for bi-parting doors weighing up to 100kg.


January 20, 2020 at 14.54pm

PYROGEN EXA page published at Fire Proof & Fire Stop sub-category

Pyrogen menawarkan beberapa pilihan aplikasi – Total Flooding (perlindungan seluruh ruang) atau Direct-To-Source (perlindungan langsung ke sumber).
Dalam kasus bank kabinet elektrik yang terletak pada ruangan besar, perlindungan individu masing-masing kabinet lebih efektif baik itu dari sisi kebakaran (target api pada sumbernya dan karena itu pemadaman api dilakukan pada tahap lebih awal) dan dari sisi biaya (insiden kebakaran membutuhkan penggantian hanya pada kabinet yang terbakar saja, tidak pada seluruh ruangan).


January 20, 2020 at 14.27pm

Pro Insight goes to BALI, 22-24 Januari 2020

Catalogpro berkolaborasi dengan hansgrohe akan mengadakan PRO Insight goes to Bali, dengan rangkaian acara sebagai berikut:

Day 1, 22 Januari 2020 :
- Head Start with Universitas Warmadewa
- Visit to Samma Studio

Day 2, 23 Januari 2020 :
-Visit to HDII Bali
-Visit to IAI Bali

Day 3, 24 Januari 2020 :
-Visit to Bansley Design*
-PRO Insight at Bali 2020

Segera update brand page dan share news produk Anda di Catalogpro.

Go Pro @MEGABUILD 2020 !


January 20, 2020 at 09.11am

PRO Talks - Bincang Lugas Bersama Hendra Quaasalmy, Principal Architect TOTAL Design

Pekan ini Catalogpro berkesempatan untuk berbincang langsung dengan Hendra Quaasalmy, Principal Architect TOTAL Design.

Pak Hendra bercerita tentang TOTAL Design, bagaimana beliau mendapatkan ide dalam mendesain, bagaimana cara meggali keinginan klien, seberapa penting pengetahuan mengenai building products bagi seorang arsitek dan masih banyak lagi obrolan menarik lainnya.

Simak obrolan kami di video ini. Happy Watching!

Go Pro @MEGABUILD 2020 !


January 17, 2020 at 16.42pm

Safety Week 2020

Monday 6th January saw the launch of Safety Week 2020 as all ASSA ABLOY sites across UK and Ireland came together to show their support for health and safety.
The aim of Safety Week is to highlight the importance of health and safety across all areas of the business including a review of our current safety performance and achievements over the last 12 months.
In support of the campaign, the P C Henderson team gathered each day this week to view a presentation hosted by Ron Gurney, Operations Director for P C Henderson – with each day covering a different element of health and safety focus.
To kick start the week, employees were invited to sign the safety board in order to pledge their support and dedication towards health and safety for 2020. On day 4 of the campaign, the directors completed a safety walk of the factory to reflect on the improvements made on-site in 2019 and to identify any further safety measures to implement in 2020.
The week ended with the team collectively voting on 3 safety behaviours in which the business will follow throughout 2020. The behaviours with the most votes were:
Celebrate success
Be honest and transparent
Take responsibility for your own actions
Prior to Safety Week, employees were also invited to enter a safety slogan competition in which the winning slogan would be implemented across all UK and Ireland Assa Abloy sites. With over 170 slogans submitted, we were delighted to see team members Susan Fitzgerald, Leanne Hill and Carole Pearson come 2nd in the competition – with the slogan “turn your attention to accident prevention” and winning a total of £100 between them.
The winning slogan, won by a member of the team at ASSA ABLOY Portobello, is “safety is key – it’s up to you and me!”
Huge thank you to all employees for their participation throughout the week!

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