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PT Dow Indonesia

Founded in 1943, Dow Corning has 22 sites world-wide, employs over 7500 personnel and manufactures over 7000 different silicone products. As a world leader in silicone technology, the company has continued to increase its investment in the research and development of products that allow architects to extend the boundar ...

PT Indo Karya Anugerah

IKA Group history goes long way back to 1986 when we were appointed as GE distributor for Plastic Materials. Soon after, we were also appointed as GE distributor for Silicone Sealant and got the approval to repack GE materials into our own private brand (IKA). Currently, IKA Group is one of the leading construction mat ...

PT Bostik Indonesia

DOING MORE THAN STICKING THINGS TOGETHER. Bahan perekat bertaraf profesional paling komprehensif dan inovatif pada industri konstruksi yang dipakai jutaan arsitek, specifier, dan kontraktor dari seluruh penjuru dunia. Sebagai spesialis terkemuka di bidang manufaktur perekat dan sealant, kami terus berusaha untuk mem ...

PT Inno-Cons International Indonesia

MS Technologi sealants and adhesive. A high performance sealant and adhesive base on japanese MS polymer Hybrid Technology. All Sealex MS Polymer Hybrid products conforms to LEDDS requirement for green building low VOC requirements and possess excelent weather resistan capability. Sealants made from MS are also paint ...

PT. Mulford Indonesia

PT. MULFORD INDONESIA Founded in 1991, Mulford Indonesia has been a major distributor of building material in indonesia, specializing in plastic roofings. Mulford Indonesia offers its costumers a vast spectrum of building material from the industry leading premium brand, from a comprehensive ranges of polycarbonate ...

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