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PT. Niro Ceramic Sales Indonesia

Niro Ceramic Group has been around for more than 40 years. Marketed under the brand name of Niro Granite, its first manufacturing plant was established in 1979 in Switzerland to announce the presence of porcelain tiles to the world. Since then, a variety of tiles has been exported across the globe and rapid growth in t ...

PT Dekoramik Perdana

Our company, Sandimas Group is based in Jakarta, Indonesia, and has been a prominent building material supplier across the nation for over 30 years. Sandimas provides a wide range of commercial, industrial and residential building supplies specializing in floor tiles & sanitary wares related products. Since 1987, S ...


SINTERED STONE SLAB Man-made stone. It is a slab with stone-like physical and mechanical properties, produced by an advanced sintering technological process of extreme heat and weight. SINTERING Sintering is the process of coalescing powdered minerals into a solid mass using heat and pressure without melting to th ...

SUN POWER   Verified
PT. Sun Power Ceramics

Sun Power Ceramics specializes in designing and manufacturing premium ceramics and porcelain tiles for high-end interiors and exteriors. They are produced using a combination of Italian technologies and European materials, various designs, uncompromising quality, technologically superior products, and dependable servic ...

PT MML Ceramic Indonesia

In 1964, industry experts from Japan, Italy and France were brought in to pioneer world class technology and stringent quality management in the start up of MML - Malaysia's first mosaic plant. Ever since then, MML has never stopped crafting tiles to the highest quality for consumers who deserve the best. The passion a ...

INDOGRESS   Verified
PT Asri Pancawarna

PT. ASRI PANCAWARNA was established in the middle of 2005 and dedicated to the production of vitrified and porcelain tiles under the brands of INDOGRESS and DECOGRESS to cater for the premium domestic and overseas markets. The Company is lead by experienced senior management personnel, all of whom come from within t ...


Perjalanan kami berawal dari Toko Cahaya Harapan yang dibangun pada tahun 1989 sebagai distributor ceramic tile dari berbagai merk, kemudian berkembang menjadi principal Homogenous Tiles atau Porcelain Tiles dengan brand VALENTINO GRESS dibawah naungan PT. Cahaya Lestari Permai Abadi. Produk kami di produksi dan di ...

PT Perwira Tamaraya Abadi

FIANDRE Architectural Surfaces known as the best and biggest Porcelaine Stoneware Tile manufacturer in Italy for more than 50 years old, the beauty and uniqueness of its products has amazed many architects throughout the world. Proven by unique designs in high-end brand product showrooms such as Ferarri, Prada, Longine ...

PT Venus Ceramica International

PT Satya Langgeng Sentosa

Roman merupakan produk keramik terkemuka yang dikenal dengan produk lantainya, dinding dan aksesoris pendukungnya. Di distribusikan oleh PT Satya Langgeng Sentosa yang merupakan bagian dari Lyman Group. Filosofi Lyman Group: “Reliability and Quality is Our Business” adalah panduan utama bagi Roman dalam senantiasa ...

Pt Saranagriya Lestari Keramik

More than 20 years in the ceramics industry doesn't stop our passion to deliver high quality products with everlasting design and providing best service to fulfill dreams of many. Our long journey made us well-trained and highly-skilled when it comes to designing good tiles for the market. We become more selective and ...

COTTO   Verified
Thai Ceramic Co. Ltd

Over the years, COTTO has become more and more established as a world-class manufacturer of tiles and sanitary ware. COTTO products are a result of substantial investment in pioneering production technology and extensive researches which allow us to best understand and respond to the behaviors and the culture of consum ...

PT Venus Ceramica International

Since 2002, the manufacturer representative and sole distributor of Monalisa Tiles Co., Ltd is held by PT Venus Ceramica Indonesia ( PT Venus Ceramica International). Monalisa Group Co., Ltd is located in Foshan, The Ceramic City of China. It is a large scale ceramic enterprise that integrates scientific research an ...

PT Surya Cemerlang Mandiri

GOLDENGRES is synonymous of design and aesthetic elegance over the years. Every product by GOLDENGRES is focused on aesthetics and quality excellence, aiming for total satisfaction of the current market trends. This is possible thanks to the wide range of colors, surfaces and format, making each collection unique an ...

PT Surya Multi Cemerlang

OUR COMPANY : PT. Surya Multi Cemerlang is a sister company of PT. Platinum Ceramics Industry, one of the leaders in Indonesia’s ceramics industry. It was established in 2012 with the aim to focus on producing large-sized, thin and flat ceramic slabs to cater to the high end needs of the ceramics industry. Our te ...

Ceramiche Atlas Concorde S.p.A

Atlas Concorde is an Italian company, international leader in the production of ceramic floor and wall tiles, that creates and constantly promotes new trends, offering elegant and innovative surfaces for living and commercial spaces. Creativity, innovation, attention to detail, industrial and entrepreneurial savvy are ...


Compress Marble - Bianconero Compressa Is a coating material for floors, walls, stairs and tables made from a mixture of quality natural stone materials which in the production process the material is compacted under high pressure and then fired at a temperature of 1,250 degrees Celsius, so that it becomes solid, hard ...

PT Taicera Indonesia

Taicera Enterprise Company with 100% Taiwan investment was established in 1994, producing ceramic tile: polish tile, rustic, glaze porcelain, soft polish, floor and wall glaze tile, border tile, decoration tile, supplying for buildings, Villa, international airport... Head office locates at Godau Industrial zone – ...

PT. Bangunreksa Millenium Perkasa

Crystal Granit is another product from PT. Asri Panca Warna, the producer of the existing porcelain tiles, Indogress and Decogress. Crystal Granite was born from the idealism to bring the work of the nation to fulfill the taste of Indonesian society combined with the tradition of PT. Asri Panca Warna product of high q ...

PT Granitoguna Building Ceramics

PT. Granitoguna Building Ceramics was established in 1995 by Djabesmen Group, a local group well known in the building products industry. Operators of several brand leaders, the group has invested substantially in Granitoguna’s success.

PT Matsuo Indonesia

Tiles For Lifestyle Design "Rippu Tile" offer the enjoyment of decorating your own personal spaces with tiles made by using reliable manufacturing techniques. The impactful rough texture of the clay, the look of quality produced by restrained glossiness and subdued color palette that will look good any room. Rippu ...

PT Ekspos Kongkrit Indonesia

ALL EXPOSE CONCRETE TILES ARE HANDMADE. EXPOSE CONCRETE was born from the concrete controversy; it helped rebrand the industrial material as a luxurious one, well-suited to surface design and a choice material for the Architect and Design community. Striking an impeccable balance between artistry and technology, ...

PT Perwira Tamaraya Abadi

Simpolo Ceramics is one of the leading porcelain tile manufacturers from India. The company has been producing Vitrified tiles, Sanitary wares, Wall tiles, Parking tiles with the highest quality in India since 1977. Vision: Gain worldwide recognition in the field of ceramic building products through Research and In ...