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Lighting & Armature

PT Monalisa Putra Agung

Mr. Yongky Wijaya, the founder of PT. Monalisa Putra Agung, he started off by single handedly built and assembled home-made DIY audio power amplifier in his home in the 1970s. together with the rising popularity with his lighting equipment in the discotheques, he established PT. Monalisa Putra Agung in 1985. since ...

PT Oscar Tunastama Indonesia

PT. U-Sun International

Alder is a Germany – Taiwan joint venture company, combining the state-of-the-art expertise in technological development and industrial design. Since 2003 we have seen specializing in SMD, COB LED units and applications. Today, Alder has established its position in the LED lighting market worldwide and aims to be a m ...

PT Hikari Indo Sarana

PT Amasco Indonesia