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About the Hansgrohe Group

Mr Hans Grohe founded the Hansgrohe company in 1901 in Schiltach, Black Forest, Germany. Today, the business is a huge global success with the supply of Hansgrohe products in more than 140 countries including Indonesia. Hansgrohe’s products can be found in prestigious developments around the world including the W Hotels in Bali.

The Hansgrohe Group is well-known as one of the leaders in innovation, design and quality with more than 500 design awards and has achieved top rankings within the iF WORLD DESIGN INDEX 2014 – 2018 of the International Forum Design (iF). At the iF DESIGN AWARDS 2018, nine AXOR and hansgrohe branded products received an iF DESIGN AWARD 2018.

About the hansgrohe brand

As part of the Hansgrohe Group, hansgrohe is the premium brand for showers, shower systems, bathroom and kitchen taps, as well as kitchen sinks. With its many award-winning products, hansgrohe shapes the flow of water in the kitchen and the bathroom. Because this is where people spend the time they treasure most and experience precious moments in the interaction with water. With these moments in mind, hansgrohe develops ground-breaking solutions that unite extraordinary design, long-lasting quality and intelligent features for maximum ease of use. hansgrohe turns water into an impressive experience:

hansgrohe. Meet the beauty of water.



April 07, 2020 at 10.23am

The innovative sBox tidies up the kitchen. It forms an integral part of the new hansgrohe sink combi unit and ensures that the hose for your pull-out tap can slide smoothly. The inconspicuous box is installed under the sink. Check out how to correctly position and install the sBox in any situation here.

A hand spray has lots of advantages. It offers flexibility and freedom of movement, and makes filling up large pots very easy, for example. What happens to the hose when the kitchen tap is not in use? It hangs out in the floor unit, which is precisely where waste separation systems or drawers are situated to keep things clutter-free. For those who love to keep things tidy, hansgrohe offers a smart solution in the form of the sBox. The hose slides neatly, smoothly and really quietly within the housing of the sBox. Check out more advantages offered by hand spray and sBox on our thecnology page. Klik disini


April 02, 2020 at 09.55am

Kitchen design is both an art and science. A well designed kitchen tailored to your requirements gives you pleasure visually and also enables you run to run your tasks smoothly, saving you a lot of efforts in your kitchen chores. Plan an ergonomic kitchen with all these advantages with high-convenience, intuitive kitchen products from hansgrohe.

Everything is so much easier – and gentler on the body

In the kitchen, things tend to get rather heated: we are often busy rinsing food, fetching ingredients from the cupboards, filling pots, operating appliances, and washing our hands. So it’s only logical that minimal legwork tops the wish list when planning. This enables our work to run smoothly, and saves time and effort. Do you love having kitchen tools and ingredients ready to hand too? This is down to having well-organised cabinets and pull-outs. Cleverly designed drawers and pull-outs enable you to easily access even low base units, and make optimum use of the space in the kitchen.


March 31, 2020 at 10.37am

The current trend is to have a flowing architecture, where spaces for living, cooking and enjoying food all merge together. The open kitchen concept is a real treat for anyone who enjoys chatting to others while preparing delicious food. Beautiful materials, high-quality the kitchen products and design all create a harmonious liaison with the dining area and living space, and really upgrade the home.

The kitchen is becoming the hub of the home, and is opening up in the process. In keeping with the cooking trend, it’s no longer a closed-off galley; instead it’s an inviting place for the whole family and its guests. The kitchen is changing accordingly, and becoming an open kitchen concept where you can enjoy visual contact with fellow housemates and friends and carry on conversations. Fancy cooking while watching the TV show that is playing on the sofa? Perhaps you also dream about how convenient it would be if there were only a few steps between the kitchen, dining area and a comfy seating area?


March 26, 2020 at 10.25am

The modern kitchen is influenced by atmospheric design featuring ideas from the living area. Useful features merge within a cosy living space, which becomes a place for social gathering and offers scope for personal style preferences. The current trend is for warm materials and furnishings with individual character. This area of retreat is perfected with innovative technology.

The trendy open-plan kitchen is a treat for all the senses: natural surfaces have a warm radiance and distinctive haptic qualities; furniture design from the living area is visually refreshing. The current trend is to have an interior design where comfortable seating is integrated into an ambience that is subtly colourful. In the kitchen, this home furnishing trend is coupled with high expectations of state-of-the-art functionality for work processes. Even design accents have a place around the sink, because this is the very heart of the kitchen.


March 24, 2020 at 10.17am

Is the kitchen the hub of your home? Perhaps you are already thinking about creating your very own personal dream kitchen, with ideas from the latest kitchen trends? Designing your dream kitchen presents a rare opportunity to create a space that works for you, both practically and visually. And as a company with our finger on the pulse of kitchen design and innovation, we’re able to bring you the latest trends for the heart of the home, so that you can choose those that work for your dream kitchen.

The kitchen as the hub of the home is changing: areas for living, cooking and entertaining are increasingly merging together into one room that can serve each of these purposes, allowing you to cook as you chat, and to eat in a relaxed homely environment. This is partly achieved through decorative choices - by using consistent materials, colours and furnishings throughout the space, the area is linked visually. hansgrohe products fit in perfectly with this trend, with each fusing innovation and design seamlessly. They also offer the ultimate in durability, ensuring that your kitchen lasts and lasts. Find inspiration for your dream kitchen in our image gallery.